Thursday, 31 January 2008


Welcome to the Swing that Art Bat Blog, the intention of which is to start a debate around the means of discussing the values attributed to the vicissitudes of artistic activity. The event will occupy the online space of this Blog and also the physical place of Access Space, Sheffield. Throughout there will be a programme of talks which are as follows:

friday 29th febuary 18:00-20:00
meet + talk to No Fixed Abode and drink booze.

Saturday 1st March 14:00
Daniel Simpkins and Penny Whitehead present ‘Beat Attack Thwack; an exploration of the power structures underpinning contemporary artistic practice.’ Visitors are invited to bring a bat representing an artist of their choice.

Saturday 8th March 14:00
Black Dogs present ‘The Good Life; a presentation on the implications of diy, punk and self organisation in art.’

Saturday 15th March 14:00
Ele Carpenter presents ‘The Elephant in the Room: Tensions between object and process in socially engaged new media art’

Saturday 29th March 14:00
Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan (Freee art collective) present ‘How to Bat; How the artists’ bat enables one to question the popular misconception of art being a universal or disinterested field of practice.’

Friday 4th April
closing event