Friday, 15 February 2008

Does the Bat make up for an Artists lack of Power?

Had an interesting chat the other day done at Access Space with Guy. Mused over the idea that the Art Bat was to fill a lack in the power and position artists have in society. This aspect hadn't occured to us before. Guy mentionned that the art bat might be seen as an aggressive symbol of power within this context which, of course, is an interesting point at this stage. We suggested that we alligned the metaphor of the bat more with the idea of holding an object which was used as a compulsary means of progression within a specified field, ie. within the game of baseball, without the bat the team cannot strike the ball, gain runs and compete within the game. Fundamentally, the batter externalises his hopes, his dedication, his love of the game through his actions with the bat. In this sense, an artists bat could be a defining piece of work in his career.

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