Friday, 14 March 2008


In contrast to other responses to the art bat metaphor we have not attempted to reduce an artist’s practice to representation by an object, but explored as an alternative the complex system of art world power relations that the metaphor reveals. If an artist’s cultural weight can be translated into an object with connotations of competition, masculinity and aggression, how then can we discuss the action, practice or function of other art world players?

No Fixed Abode asked the question: ‘what if all artists had art bats?’ What then if each curator specialised in a different martial art?...

Image: Gavin Wade: Sumo

Image: Nicolas Bourriaud: Ninja

Or if each viewer owned a different breed of dog that posed a varying degree of threat to others?...

Image: Fan of art activism's alsation and regular visitor to Vyner Street openings with pooch

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